Softball trains for triumph

By Matthew Allana’20


The varsity softball team has struggled in preseason, but with new coaches, they have said that they hope to redeem themselves in league matches. They have an overall record of 2-7 as of press time, starting the season with a 13-1 loss against Warren High School on Feb. 25. The squad’s most recent game against Louisville was on Tuesday, but results were unavailable as of press time.

“We didn’t do very well in the beginning, but we’re definitely starting to do better … I was really proud of the team for how we performed [against Poly],” first baseman Emily Nutting ’20 said.

The team’s first win was on March 11 against Poly, with a score of 6-2. Athletes said that one of the most memorable moments in the season were the three home runs scored in this match.

The team has experienced many changes this season, the most significant being that of the coaching. The former head of the program, Katie Griffith, left her coaching position to play in an independent league. This void was filled by Brittany Moeai, at the time a part-time coach who is now the head coach, and assistant Marisa Schwartz.

“It really benefited us to get that insight from such an experienced coach during our pre-season … although we lost a knowledgeable coach, Coach Moeai and Schwartz have a lot to bring to the table as well … they played at UCLA,” Nutting said.

Coaches have said that although softball can be challenging, it ultimately pushes the players to become better and strengthens their teamwork.

“Softball is a game of failure. This is one sport where you will fail more times than you will succeed. The players will strikeout more times than they hit home runs. This may be the hardest part, but it also allows the players of the game to recognize that failing at something will happen and when it does, it doesn’t mean it will stop them from achieving their goals,” Schwartz said.

Although their first league matches against Culver City and Chaminade, respectively, were cancelled, players on the middle school team said that they have been working hard to perform well in their upcoming matches. Their first league match was a loss against Marlborough on March 23, and they have an overall record of 0-1 as of press time. Players have not been assigned specific positions for games, as they will be rotating throughout the season. Athletes said that although they did not get the results they had wished for, they hope to make a comeback in future matches.

“I [had] never played a real softball game before [joining the team, so] I’m nervous but really excited to see how we do!” Maitlyn Fletcher ’21 said.

The middle school team also experienced coaching changes as well as a lack of players. However, team members have said that they have bounced back from these initial difficulties and hope to perform well this season.

“The coach … makes us work hard, but we’re definitely learning a lot. We didn’t have enough players at first to form a full team, but we do now, and our first game with Marlborough was a lot of fun,” Capri Woss ’21 said.

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