Deans speak about scheduling

By Ty Goodrich ’20

Deans from each grade spoke to students in their respective class meetings regarding courses for next year. They also promoted the idea that the soon to be tenth graders will be introduced to new classes, teachers and a whole different campus next year whereas upcoming eighth and ninth grade students will have the opportunities to take more electives.

Tenth grade deans, who visited ninth grade class meeting on Feb. 14, said that more honors courses will be available next year to the tenth graders, but that the classes are a challenge and that each student must be completely committed in order to succeed. The deans added that the amount of different classes available next year widely outnumber the choice of classes that were given this year for the current ninth grade students.

One popular subject among students was the electives opening up for all students to take.  New electives involve possibilities such as independent research and more intricate versions of Visual Arts.  Ninth grade students were also pleased to hear that there are chances to take more than three electives in the school year.

“I’m really looking forward to be able to take more and new electives next year,” Josue Martin `20 said.

For the current seventh graders, it will be their first time being able to take more causes.  Seventh grade students have said they are ecstatic to be able to choose which courses they wish to.

“I think they offer a great variety of subjects for students to learn. Some courses interest me and some do not. I think everybody here definitely has options for next year,” Zach Ansell `22 said.

The eighth grade class meeting was intended to show the students the honors opportunities and track for future years.  Many students said they love the freedom and ability to choose their own courses.

“Being able to schedule my classes from year to year is great; having more than one track is awesome. The class meeting was helpful and informative,” Austin Lee ‘21 said.



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