Annual Electives Fair held

By Jessa Glassman ’20

Middle school students attended the annual Electives Fair to help determine which courses they want to take next year. The event took place during break on Tuesday. Due to the rain, tables for each class were set up inside the Bing Lobby rather than outside the Saperstein Theatre, where the fair usually takes place.

Students were able to talk to teachers and peers who are currently enrolled in electives in order to ask questions and to learn more about the classes accessible to them next year before they fill out scheduling forms. This year’s Electives Fair did not have as many attendees as in previous years, and according to some teachers it was because of the change of venue.

“The Electives Fair unfortunately was moved inside because of the rain so we did not get any foot traffic, and there was not a lot of advance advertisement about it. Normally, it is a really effective tool,” seventh grade dean, Kate Benton said.

Students who did attend the event have said that they enjoyed the Electives Fair and that they appreciated the time to clarify which classes they want to enroll in for next year.

“I think the Electives Fair is beneficial for students because it gives people the opportunity to look at new classes for next year,” Rhea Madhogarhia ’22 said.

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