Jazz musicians hold show

By Isabel von Mende ’20

Middle School Jazz Band musicians performed in the “Winter Big Band Jazz Concert” on Feb. 3 in the Saperstein Theatre. They played a setlist of nearly 20 pieces including James Van Heusen’s “Come Fly with Me” and Karl Suessdorf’s “Moonlight in Vermont.”

The band consists of wind instruments and a rhythm section. Students meet five times a cycle and are taught by performing arts teacher Starr Wayne.

“[My favorite part of the concert was] playing with the Jazz Explorers because you get to play whatever you want[…]My favorite song was ‘Fantasia.’ The Jazz Explorers played it, and it was my favorite because I got to play a drum solo in it,” drummer Andy Lee ’20 said.

Madrigals singer Alec Davila ’20 joined the ensemble to sing Charles Trenet’s “Beyond the Sea.”

“It was a really fun experience just being with all my friends and knowing how hard they worked. I loved the outcome of everything[…]So far this year, performing with Jazz Band has definitely been a highlight,” Davila said.

The students, faculty and families that came to the concert said that they really enjoyed it.

“I had a couple of really good friends in it. It sounded really fun, and I wanted to watch them to see what they were working towards because I know that my friends have been working really hard,” Jessica Gestetner ’20 said.


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