A healthy selection of Sweetgreens

By: Caitlin Chung

Located in one of Los Angeles’s walkable dining and shopping districts, Sweetgreen sits on the corner of West 3rd Street between La Cienega and Fairfax. As a healthy American restaurant chain, Sweetgreen specializes in organic salads, soups and bowls. Drinks, soups and dressings are made from scratch and all their ingredients are the freshest organic products.

Upon entering the restaurant, customers are greeted by lively workers and a wide open space constructed in a modern eco-chic style. Large windows lining the entrance of the restaurant let in floods of natural light into the building. The eating areas are spread across the upper and lower level of the building along with some outside seating, which surrounds the parking lot. The “kitchen” is connected to the open area that can be seen lined with fresh organic vegetables and produce, which are used in their dishes.

The ordering process in the restaurant works like other fast casual restaurants (like Chipotle-line style). Customers can read the menu and order pre-set signature dishes or customize their own salad and bowls. They are presented with rows of different options ranging from kale, wild rice and salmon to roasted sweet potatoes. Custom salads range from $7 to $14, while other signature bowls and salads can range between $9 to $13. Whether one wants vegan, vegetarian or gluten free selections, Sweetgreen will have an option.

The menu also varies depending on the different seasons. For fall this year, Sweetgreen introduced a variety of different warm bowls. The warm bowls are great substitutes for salads when one feels in a healthy mood during the colder days of the season. Some of the new ingredients consist of roasted chickpeas, sesame roasted tofu, curry cauliflower and roasted steelhead trout. Whether looking for a quick bite or a full meal, Sweetgreen will provide the satisfaction for the stomach and the taste buds.




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