Changes made to the Jacobson Cup program

By Spencer Klink ’20

The Jacobson Cup has been expanded this year to become an ongoing event. Last year, the program included a community service drive in November and Field Day toward the end of the schoolyear, but this year Student Council has added weekly questions that students can answer to win points for their house.

The revisions were announced during the first all-school assembly with a video describing the updates as well as a speech from Student Council.

“When I was in seventh grade I didn’t know about the Jacobson Cup until around spring, but this year people start off school knowing about it immediately,” Anna Shell ‘21 said.

Student Council said that they plan on adding more events to the program and making changes such as incorporating other campus activities into the program.

“Currently we have a question of the week and running tallies. We’ve been thinking about integrating squid into the program, but we haven’t finalized that. We’ve talked about different time-based events,” Michael Lehrhoff ’20 said.

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