Timing for semester comments changed

By Laura Kors ’21 and Tanisha Gunby ’21



Students are receiving teacher comments at different times this year. Ninth graders did not receive comments on the Friday before Thanksgiving, but instead, eighth and ninth graders taking semester courses received their comments that day. Ninth graders will receive comments for full year courses in the middle of December.

“There’s always a push and pull in comments. We wanted to make sure families and students get the feedback that they need to make improvements. We wanted to make the workload manageable for teachers,” Head of Middle School Jon Wimbish said.

Wimbish said the school decided to change the time of comments because eighth graders were receiving semester course comments after the course ended, so they were not able to use the feedback to improve in class. Ninth grade comments for full year classes were moved to give teachers more work to comment on. It also gives teachers more time between seventh and ninth grade comments.

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