Crafting Corner

By Madison Huggins’20 and Spencer Klink’20

Now that the winter season has washed over some parts of our world, it is time to continue preparing and decorating for this unique season. Although most of the holidays have now passed, the air is still refreshingly chilly and the skies are still peacefully overcast, so what better way to rejoice in wintertime than by creating these colorful and original winter DIY projects?

Polaroid Calendar Wall

Credit: Anusha Mathur’20/SPECTRUM



A computer (For websites such as “”)

-Printer/ Paper

-Clear Packing Tape


-Sticky tack (or if necessary regular scotch tape)

-An empty wall


  • Step 1: Either take pictures or find images of the winter season.
  • Step 2: On the computer, go to a photo editing website such as “”
  • Step 3: Once on the website, find the “frames” category and click on the “polaroid” frame option.


  • Step 4: The website will then give the opportunity to choose the photo to place in the frame, which will replicate it as a polaroid photo.
  • Step 5: Repeat this process until there are enough polaroids to fill every day of the month of December or January.
  • Step 6: Print out the polaroids and carefully cut them out.
  • Step 7: Take a black sharpie and write the number of each day of the month in the bottom left-hand corner of the polaroid.
  • Step 8: Take some sticky tack (this will not damage paint), place a small dot on the back of each polaroid and stick each image on a wall in the formation of a calendar.
  • Step 9 (optional): To add some character, place fairy lights around the frame of the calendar.
  • Step 10: Sit back and admire your creation

DIY Snow Globe

Credit: Anusha Mathur ’20/SPECTRUM



-One mason jar

-Artificial snow

-White glitter

-Waterproof toys

-Miniature decorative plastic figurines

-Waterproof glue


  • Step 1: Using the waterproof glue, attach the miniature(s) or toy(s) to the bottom of the mason jar lid.
  • Step 2: Pour water into the mason jar. There should be enough space left that, when the lid is sealed to the cap, there will be no air bubbles. Adjustments can be made based on how much air is in the snow globe when the lid is initially put on but not permanently attached.
  • Step 3: Pour two to four tablespoons of glitter or artificial snow into the mason jar.
  • Step 4: Carefully seal the lid back onto the mason jar once the glue has completely dried. Apply more glue to the exterior where the jar and lid meet in order to prevent any water from leaking.
  • Step 5: Place the snow globe in a safe location where it can’t fall. Enjoy!

She said, She said: ‘Collateral Beauty”

By Keila McCabe’20 and Jordan Murray’20


‘Collateral Beauty’  follows Howard (Will Smith) through his journey to overcome the death of his daughter. Howard immediately becomes depressed, and it begins to affect his performance at work. In order to cope with the grief, he writes letters to Love, Time and Death. His coworkers and friends find out and try to help him, hiring a team of actors portrayed by Keira Knightley, Jacob Latimore and Helen Mirren that come to visit him during the day. The movie is about overcoming struggles and the different ways that people deal with grief.


Plot: The plot line is a lot to follow and not far from complete scattered mayhem. The story has a sweet beginning and follows a relatable story of losing a loved one. Despite the promise for a feel good classic, the plot takes a rather wicked turn when it becomes a movie about manipulation and some of Howard’s best friends doing anything necessary to try and help him. The story of grief makes an attempt to be an emotion-filled movie, but it seems as if they trying too hard to appeal and relate to people.

Expectations vs. Reality: The movie’s trailer was incredibly promising as it advertised a sentimental holiday movie but the actual film was confusing and unexpected. The movie is filled with a star-studded cast with many winning and nominated actors. The trailer showed that Howard wrote letters to Love, Time and Death and they came to meet him, and that was his way of coping with grief. However, the movie follows Howard’s “friends” that scam him into getting his work life together.

Drama: The dramatic scenes in the movie are one of the few positive aspects in this movie. The actors in this film perform with angst, love and a large variety of emotions that make the movie captivating.

Acting: Despite the lackluster outline of the movie, the actors and actresses really try to make this movie great. With an A-list cast such as in this movie, one might expect a thrilling and amazing movie that would go down as a classic. The acting is amazing; Knightley, Latimore and Mirren are great. The only questionable aspect of the acting is how such acclaimed movie stars chose to be in this movie.

Ending: The movie ends with a somewhat big plot twist. However, it is also relatively predictable after following the movie throughout. The ending wraps up the story and Howard’s different relationships well but leaves some supporting storylines unfinished.

Rate: 2 stars


Opening: The movie opens with a flashback to three years in the past. It shows Howard happy about his job and his life. It then cuts to the present and the mood of the film completely changes to a sad feel. The beginning is executed very well and the change in mood draws the viewer in and makes them more curious about what is going to happen next. Also, the opening explains the backstory of Howard’s life very well, so the viewer never has to piece facts together or is confused about the storyline. Lastly, the beginning reflects the mood for the rest of the movie and sets the scene very well.

Drama: “Collateral Beauty” is a movie filled with drama and passion. The actors show so much emotion when delivering their lines. The characters’ Love, Death, and Time are portrayed excellently.When they express their responses to Howard’s letter, they show so much emotion. Though the movie is filled with drama, the relationship between Whit(Edward Norton) and his daughter could have been developed more and shown more throughout the movie. I also believe they could have expanded more on the struggle for Claire (Kate Winslet) to have a baby.

Plot Twists: The movie has one main plot twist towards the end; however, it is very predictable. It is disappointing because I thought that there should have been more surprises, which would make me more curious and wanting to know more even after the movie was over.

Overall story and plot: The story they were trying to tell is amazing. The movie tries to show the struggle of losing a child and tries to express the feelings and emotions that go along with it. The acting is quite good, but I just feel the plot could have expanded a little bit more and delve even more into Howard’s struggle and the relationships between him and everyone surrounding him.

Rate: 3/5 stars

Netflix Picks: Holiday Edition

By Kyra Hudson’20 and Emma Shapiro’20

This issue of “Netflix Picks” offers holiday themed episodes for those who want to revisit the joy and holiday spirit in dramatic and comedic ways.

“Grey’s Anatomy”, “Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer” Season 2: Episode 12


“Grey’s Anatomy” is about surgeons, their work and personal lives. The show is told from the perspective of Meredith Grey (Ellen Pompeo) and focuses on her life at Seattle Grace Hospital and includes aspects from  her personal relationships such as love interest Derek Shepherd (Patrick Dempsey) and new best friends, Izzie Stevens (Katherine Heigl), Christina Yang (Sandra Oh) and George O’Malley (T.R. Knight). Miranda Bailey (Chandra Wilson), a mentor for Meredith, helps run the hospital, manages the surgeries and assists the attendees.

In “Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer,” Izzie is getting over a breakup, so Meredith, George and Christina try to cheer her up for the holidays. Meanwhile, Christina assists cardiothoracic surgeon Preston Burke (Isaiah Washington), who is also her boyfriend. She helps with a young boy who doesn’t want a new heart and is very pessimistic about surgery and the holidays. Christina and Preston are also arguing about their personal religious beliefs. Alex Karev (Justin Chambers), another intern, studies to retake his boards so that he can become a surgical resident. Derek is dealing with his wife, prenatal surgeon Addison Montgomery (Kate Walsh), and is trying to hide his feelings for Meredith. He is also dealing with a patient with three young children and a potentially fatal brain bleed. George and Miranda are dealing with a case involving a woman with an overly involved family whose surgery keeps getting rescheduled. Overall, the episode is filled with drama from the medical cases and the doctors’ personal lives, but also combines the Christmas and Hanukkah theme.

“The Office,” “Dwight Christmas” Season 9: Episode 9



“The Office” is about the employees of the Scranton branch of Dunder Mifflin Paper Company. The mockumentary follows the daily life of crazy manager, Michael Scott (Steve Carell), and all of his employees. The show is filled with strong characters such as married couple Jim (John Krasinski) and Pam Halpert (Jenna Fischer), unusual beet farmer Dwight Schrute (Rainn Wilson) and many other amusing employees who constantly experience peculiar moments in the office.

In this episode, paper salesman Jim is about to leave for his new job. The party-planning committee, consisting of Angela (Angela Kinsey), Pam and Phyllis (Phyllis Smith), forget to throw the office’s annual Christmas party. Jim’s rival coworker, Dwight, suggests to throw an authentic Pennsylvania Dutch Christmas party instead, filled with unusual customs including the German Christmas figure, Belsnickel. As the party begins, Dwight dresses up as Belsnickel and engages in traditions, such as deciding if the people are impish or admirable. This involves giving bizarre gifts or traditional punishments. Out of disappointment when Jim leaves, Dwight changes the party to a traditional office party filled with watching “Die Hard,” drinking eggnog and other Christmas activities. Jim soon comes back for a final farewell to friends and the party resumes its Pennsylvania Dutch Christmas spirit. This episode is bittersweet as the office says goodbye to one of their own, but keeps with the show’s hilarious nature.

‘La La Land’ sings its way to the top

By Zoe Redlich’20


“La La Land” was released Dec. 9 and is a beautiful blend of a musical comedy and a romantic drama, summarized well by its title. At the Golden Globe Awards on Sunday, the film deservedly won seven awards including best Musical or Comedy Motion Picture.

The film begins with a large dance number which is set in the middle of a traffic-filled freeway in Los Angeles. The number is extravagant and colorful, and it establishes the movie’s balance between realism and sudden moments of fantasy. The plot follows Mia (Emma Stone), a struggling actress in L.A. At the start of the movie, Mia runs into Sebastian (Ryan Gosling), a pianist trying to find a job where he can play jazz with the emotion and feeling that he feels it is losing. Although at first their different personalities clash, they quickly fall in love. Together they try to figure out how to succeed professionally while maintaining their integrity as artists and devotion to each other.

The film is directed by Damien Chazelle and is absolutely stunning. The use of color and light further aid the plot of the movie. Every scene is uniquely shot. The film is also divided by seasons along with a range of scenery, which work as a brilliant way to add feeling to each section. The plot takes place in Los Angeles, a city painted as a romantic and exciting place. The movie features many iconic locations such as the Griffith Observatory, and many scenes are filmed in the city streets. The film functions as both a love letter to the city as well as to old Hollywood musicals. Also, the movie often slips into a fantasy world, in which Mia and Sebastian dance in the stars or walk through a set that appears to be a painting. However, these scenes work well to shape the romantic and slightly whimsical tone of the film.

The movie is a musical complete with catchy songs and dance numbers. Although people in reality do not burst into song and dance, the movie is formatted so that the transitions from dialogue to song are completely natural. The music is also used to set the mood of certain scenes, as certain tunes recur in different parts of the film. The dancing is entertaining and adds another interesting visual to the movie, but is not as outstanding as many other elements of the film. While the two main characters ballroom dance multiple times together and there is a small tap dancing number, there are not many large and complex dances characteristic to a Broadway musical. However, many of the songs are shot gorgeously, using color and unrealistic elements to transport the audience into a different world.

One slight issue with the film is that the major difficulty the main characters face seems a bit forced and easy to solve. However, the rest of the plot flows very smoothly and makes the viewer forget any issues that there might have been.

In the end, “La La Land” is a sweet yet sincere film that leaves its audience humming its tunes and smiling.

Rating: 4.5/5

VARSITY PROFILES: Johnny Juzang ’20, Ella Price ’20, Pablo Greenlee ’20 Lauren Elson ’20




Varsity Boy’s Basketball

At what age did you start playing basketball and why?

“I started playing at four. My older brother played basketball, so I just kind if hopped into it. I wasn’t really good until a few years ago.”

What is your favorite thing about the team? 

“We have a lot of fun. The guys are all really cool.”



Varsity Girl’s Basketball

What is your favorite part about being on the varsity team as opposed to a middle school team?

“The pace of the game is much more competitive; we play better because we are playing against better teams. I improve as a player when I compete against people who are better. It’s more fun playing with people that have more experience because I learn from them./”

What is your favorite part about playing a team sport?

“I love the social aspect because I meet people I wouldn’t have met otherwise.”



Varsity Boy’s Basketball

What is the most important lesson you have learned from soccer?

“Communication-trying to get people to listen to you and listening to others in order to win the game.”

What are you most excited about this season?

“Playing kids that are older than I am. That will help me improve my game because they are bigger and more physical, so I will get more experience.”



Varsity Girl’s Soccer

When did you start playing soccer and why?

“I started playing around four because my dad played in high school and almost played in college, so he got me into it.

What is the biggest difference between playing on a varsity team versus a middle school team?

“It has been fun to meet people from the older classes and to be able to come together with a single sport even though we’re in different grades.”


Complied by Leila Dall’Olmo ’20 and Georgia Gerber ’20

Sports Roundtable: Issue 3

By Luke Casola ’20, Gideon Hyman ’20, Will Mallory ’20, Neema Mansouri ’20 and Gautam Natarajan ’20

College Bowl Games – Will Mallory

Every year, the college football season ends with bowl games. In previous years, the two best teams would square off in the BCS Championship game, and the winner would be presented with a glass trophy. In 2014, a new committee was formed, called the College Football Playoff Committee. Every year, the committee selects four teams to compete for the title of National Champion. However, over the past few years, people have come to believe that four teams is not enough and that the playoff needs to expand to be expanded eight teams.

In my opinion, the College Football Playoff should not expand to eight teams, nor should it stay at four. The best solution to this problem is to expand it to a six team playoff. This is because of the controversy that has been occurring for the past few years, as well as the time allotted and player’s health. In 2014, the Committee was reprimanded for leaving Baylor and Texas Christian University out, two of the strongest teams of that year, but they had no other choice. The team behind Baylor and TCU was Mississippi State, and the decision to leave them out was not nearly as controversial as the other two. This year, the decision to leave Michigan and Penn State out was controversial, but the decision to leave Oklahoma, one seed behind Penn State, was not. This suggests that the top six teams are usually the strongest and have the most talent. The committee should suggest a system that includes six teams, where the first and second ranked teams would have a bye, and the other four would compete to determine who played the top seeds, similar to the format of the NFL playoffs. This way, there are not too many games, like there would be with an eight team playoff, and more teams can get a shot at the National Championship.

Lions at Cowboys
Dallas Cowboys running back Ezkiel Elliott (21) runs for a first quarter touchdown run as Dak Prescott looks on as the Cowboys take on the Detroit Lions Monday, Dec. 26,2016 in AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas. Credit: Richard W. Rodriguez/Fort Worth Star-Telegram/TNS)

Rookie Duo: Dak Prescott and Ezekiel ElliotCasola

One word: “rookies.”  The Dallas Cowboys drafted Elliot fourth overall and Prescott as the 135th pick.  Many did not believe that the Cowboys would be as good as they are without quarterback Tony Romo, but they proved those people wrong.  Elliott and Prescott have been in talks to win the MVP and ROY awards in their first seasons, which has only been done once before in NFL history.  In the first half of the NFL season, Zeke put up historic rushing numbers, sitting at the top with Viking’s running back Adrian Peterson and former Ram’s running back Eric Dickerson.  Dak has shown that he can be dual threat, throwing and running the ball.  Nobody knows what we will see from this duo in the future, but if they continue to play at a legendary level, then both of them can have great careers.  Zeke and Dak led the Cowboys to a NFC East title and a record of 13-3.  Who knows if the rookie duo can keep up their play next season?  We’ll see.

NHL Expansion – Hyman

On June 22, the NHL approved its first expansion since the Columbus Blue Jackets and Minnesota Wild entered the League in the 2000-01 season. There have been many announcements and details made regarding the newly added team. However, the most important announcement was recently made providing the team’s new name and logo. The team will be called the Las Vegas Golden Knights, a name inspired by the military base nearby but that has been recently criticized by the army. The Golden Knights have been the name of a military parachute team based in Fort Bragg since the 1960s. Team owner Bill Foley originally wanted to call the team the Black Knights but refrained after military officials expressed concern. I think that the team should change their name to something different if it upsets the military. A hockey team can change their name if they really want to, but the military is not just going to rename a famed parachute team. Something more affiliated with Las Vegas might make more sense, like the “High Rollers” or the “Gamblers.” Regardless of the name, a Las Vegas hockey team will debut in the 2017-2018 season.

Phoenix Suns vs. Golden State Warriors
Golden State Warriors’ Stephen Curry (30) gestures to the crowd while playing the Phoenix Suns during the fourth quarter on Sunday, Nov. 13, 2016 at the Oracle Arena in Oakland Calif. The Warriors defeated the Suns 133-120. Credit: Jose Carlos Fajardo/Bay Area News Group/TNS

Golden State Warriors vs. Cleveland Cavaliers – Natarajan

The Warriors and Cavaliers, a rematch of the 2016 finals on Christmas day in Cleveland, was a must watch. The Cavs rallied through the Warriors defense and overturned a 14-point deficit. The Cavaliers win shows that the Warriors still have their problems and the Cavs can overcome them. By playoff time, point guard Steph Curry and small forward Kevin Durant will figure out a way to work together and contribute as best as they can without hindering the other’s game. If they can figure this out, the Warriors will be flying and the championship should be theirs. So far, Curry hasn’t really showed us his true potential like his level of performance last season. The Cavaliers play in the less challenging eastern conference and don’t have to really go “all out” and can save energy for the finals. On the other hand, the Warriors have to battle the San Antonio Spurs and the Oklahoma City Thunder, who can put up a fight in a seven-game series. My overall prediction is that the Warriors come out on top as the champs and bring the title back to the Bay Area.

Carolina Panthers vs. Oakland Raiders
Oakland Raiders defensive end Khalil Mack crosses the goal line for a touchdown after intercepting a pass by Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton during second quarter action on Sunday, Nov. 27, 2016 at the Oakland-Almeda Country Coliseum in Oakland, Calif. Credit: Jeff Siner/Charlotte Observer/TNS

Raiders Fail to Rise to the Occasion – Mansouri

The Raiders finished the regular season 12-4 behind the spectacular seasons of Quarterback Derek Carr and Linebacker Khalil Mack. The Raiders have been regarded as one of the best, if not the best, team in the NFL all season. They can owe their success to their 1-2 punch of Carr and Mack. Carr is still in the MVP race, but a season-ending injury to his fibula held his team short of advancing in the playoffs. He was able to lead his team to 12 wins, and he has single-handedly won them multiple games in the fourth quarter alone. Carr has had four game-winning drives in the fourth quarter this season, bailing his team out of difficult situations. In addition, Mack has shown that he can be the best at the linebacker position, tallying 11 sacks in the season.  Unfortunately, Carr’s injury caused a huge problem within Oakland’s offense. After backup quarterback Matt McGloin suffered a shoulder injury in week 16, the Raiders turned to their only option left, rookie quarterback Connor Cook. Mack’s leadership on defense was not enough to help out the rookie quarterback or the rest of the offense. The Raiders lost to the Houston Texans 14-27 with Cook at quarterback, ending their season on a sour note. Many speculated that with the star quarterback active, a Super Bowl appearance would be likely, but without Carr in the lineup, their season came to a bitter end.






Wrestling program fights for wins

By Tammer Bagdasarian ’20

The varsity and junior varsity wrestling teams have started the season with several tournament placements and 0-2 and 0-0 records respectively. The teams compete mainly in individual duels, which do not show up on the school records. The varsity team has seven wrestlers, while there are four players on the JV team. Both squads started their seasons in November and end in February. The middle school team, made up of 15 players, has competed in several Delphic League matches this season and, if successful, will compete in the Delphic League finals on Feb. 4. The varsity and JV teams compete in Mission League meets on weekdays and non-league tournaments on weekends.

Program Head Patrick Cartmill said that there are fewer varsity members this year than he had hoped for.

“Our numbers at the Upper School are not great; we have seven kids there now, so we need to have more athletes coming up to play at the varsity level, and our beginners are competing at JV. Our goal would be to have everyone on the varsity team by the end of thse year,” Cartmill said.

So far, the varsity team has competed in three tournaments—the Newbury Park Tournament, the Blackwater Tournament and the West Coast Classic Tournament. Cartmill said that the Newbury Park Tournament was very tough, and the squad competed against some of the best teams in the state.

“I saw some really strong effort in the tournament. Our guys competed, fought hard and everybody learned. Right now our goal is to get back in the swing of things and hopefully have a good run in February so we can place in the top three at the Mission League Tournament,” Cartmill said.

This will be Cartmill’s second year leading the wrestling program. Previously he coached both wrestling and football in Oklahoma before coming to the school last season. Cartmill said that he has brought a “Midwest” style of wrestling to the team.

“We are trying to develop our players more for the long term than for just one season. The hardest part is getting them on the team, and once they start playing, we try to make a game plan for their entire time at school,” Cartmill said.

The JV team competes in different matches and tournaments than the varsity squad, but several JV wrestlers compete in the varsity events as well. Wrestler John Cahill `20 said this year’s schedule has been much tougher than his past experiences on the middle school team.

“Everything has been a lot more intense. We have more work, harder practices and many more matches and tournaments, but I think that the frequency of the work has really pushed us to be a better team,” Cahill said.

Looking ahead, Cartmill said he has great confidence in the program’s future.

“I think that every one of our high-schoolers has a good wrestling future. They all have some great talent that I hope we can develop.  We are increasing numbers, interest and ability, and I definitely see these guys growing,” Cartmill said.

The middle school wrestling team is coached by Dan Peiffer. The squad has had several winning performances so far this season, and Peiffer said he thinks that for the first time in several years, the team has a good chance of winning it all. This season is Peiffer’s first as the coach of the middle school team. Peiffer formerly worked as a coach at the Brentwood Wrestling Program. Peiffer said that he is working to encourage more students to wrestle, and that he feels that the team has a strong future.

“What I am mainly focusing on is motivation. Our guys have talent, we just need them to want to be the best, and once that happens, we will have a very successful program,” Peiffer said.

Kanoa Young ’21 is on the middle school wrestling team and has been wrestling since seventh grade. Young said that he loves being on the wrestling team and hopes to continue wrestling throughout high school.

“My favorite part about this team is well we are always having fun together.  If I look at my teammates and I see them pushing themselves, it just makes me want to work harder. This is a great effect throughout the team. I hope later on wrestling becomes bigger at our school.” Young said in an email.


Girls’ soccer trains for triumph

By Georgia Gerber ’20

The upper and middle school girls’ soccer teams have collected many new and experienced players on their rosters this year. All teams participated in tournaments in preparation for the upcoming league games, where they gained skills as both as individuals and as team players.

The varsity team started its season strong, winning its first game of the season against Palos Verdes on Nov. 29. The team is coached by program head Richard Simms and assistant coaches Melissa Fernandez, Shannon Cross and goalkeeper coach Matt Whitcomb. This year, the varsity squad will compete in eight league matches, the first of which took place on Wednesday, though results were unavailable as of press time. To get ready for those matches, the team competed in several tournaments including the Beckman Tournament and the Texas Showcase.

“I love the opportunity that I am given daily to be challenged by my teammates and pushed to be the best I can possibly be. My older teammates display leadership, confidence and kindness, and I am so grateful to have become so close to all of them,” Lauren Elson ‘20 said.

Simms discussed the team’s ambitions for the upcoming season.

“Our main goal for the season is to keep working hard and getting better. If we do that, we should be able to peak at the right time and compete for a Mission League title and CIF championship,” Simms said.

The JV team has an overall record of 0-3-2 as of press time. Their first game was against Palos Verdes on Nov. 29 where they lost 0-2. The team is coached by head coach Gabe Robinson and assistant coach Andy Bru. The squad is composed of both middle and upper school students, providing the players with a chance to bond with upper and lower classmen. The first league game took place on Wednesday where the team played Chaminade, but the results were unavailable as of press time.

“I love the soccer community, and it has been really fun to get to know everyone on our team,” midfielder Carly Wallace ‘20 said.

Middle school girls’ soccer consists of two teams, black and red. In their practices together three times a week, they focus on skills that help prepare them for games. Head coach Haythum Mansur and assistant coach Darien Jenkins coach the black team, and head coach Samantha Green and assistant coach Gabbi Miranda coach the red team. The black team played their first game on Dec. 6 against Sierra Canyon School, where they won 9-2. The squad also played Marlborough on Wednesday, but results were unavailable as of press time. The red team played their first game against Marlborough on Dec. 7th, where the game ended in a tie of 2-2. On Wednesday, the team played Sierra Canyon, but results were unavailable as of press date.

“My goals for the season are, of course, to win, but also to become a stronger team player,” red team [position] Natalie Phillips ‘21 said.

Black team goalie Alexandra Lynch ‘21 talked about what she loves about the soccer team this year and her goals for the current season.

“I love the start of the soccer season. I am excited to represent HW, be with teammates and have fun. Our main goals are to work as a team, improve as soccer players and to win our division,” Lynch said.


Boy’s Soccer kicks off season

By Eugean Choi ’21 and Emma Limor ’21

The boys’ soccer program is made up of the varsity, JV, eighth grade, and seventh grade teams. The season for the varsity soccer team began in September. They practice five to six times a week, with weight training for two of the practices. The team has an overall score of 6-5-3 as of press time.

“I joined the team because I have been playing soccer my whole life, and it is my favorite [activity] to do. I decided to play school soccer because I have pride in our school and want to fight for our school and my teammates on the field,” defender Pablo Greenlee ’20 said.

The JV team practices four to five times a week, with weight training during the week. The overall record is 2-3-1. Players from the JV squad said that their goal is to improve on skill. They have also decided to seek guidance from the experiences of the varsity players.

Program Head Kris Ward said he believes both the varsity and JV teams will have strong seasons. Ward said he is proud to be a part of the boys’ soccer program and wants to help them grow into better players and teammates. According to Ward, the seasons for all of the soccer teams have been going well.

“[This] season will be extremely positive for a number of reasons. Our group has already shown great enthusiasm and [a] willingness to fulfill their potential. They are committed to pushing this program to new heights. Accomplishing those [goals] would be tremendous,” Ward said.

The eighth grade team started season with hard work. They started their season with a 2-2 tie against Brentwood on Dec. 1, and have an overall record of 0-2-1.

Even though they are only weeks into the season, the players on the eighth grade team have already bonded. During their games, players have the opportunity to meet and create friendships with other players on their team.

“I feel that the team’s social bond is strong and participating on the team is welcoming,”

striker Isaiah Jeter ’21 said.

Players feel that they have also learned life skills while participating in the soccer program.  Athletes believe that the program has influenced their character as well.

“I have become a better person because of the soccer team and have learned many values including teamwork and respect,” center defender Liam Weetman ’21 said.

The 18 seventh grade players said that they have had a fierce start this season. Their current record is 1-1.  In order for the season to be successful, the coaches have worked every day of the week to help train the student athletes.

“I know that we are going to do great this season. We have an awesome team. I have faith in my team members to do well.  Faith is the key to having an amazing team. Our teamwork is what makes us into better players,” center Henry Mallory ’22 said.

Along with teamwork, coaches have stated that the combination of the players have made it better in games. Many students believe that because of their good combination of players, has made it easier to get things done faster.

“Being the Program Head is a great honor. The combination of amazing student-athletes and the resources we possess gives me a starting point that surpasses most other programs,” Ward said.


Girl’s Water Polo splashes into action

By Keila McCabe ’20

The varsity girls’ water polo team currently has a record of 3-5. The team has not played any league games yet. They faced two tough Division one and two opponents in the losses. The Wolverines are in Division three, and they want to win league and move up to division two. Although they endured some tough losses, program head and coach Brian Flacks said she wishes to build a stronger foundation, and he found promise in the early games.

“So far it’s been really fun, and the girls are excited. We are working really hard as we are in the early stages of the season, so we are working on creating a positive, hardworking culture, and hopefully that breeds success,” Flacks said.

Flacks is joined by fellow coaches Emily Greenwood, Bella Gonzalez ‘12 and Matt Kubeck. The coaches said they were excited for the upcoming season with a wide range of freshmen to seniors, so they will try to play their strength in numbers to their advantage.

According to Flacks, the girls are having fun and bonding with the rest of the squad. Varsity athlete and swimmer Namlhun Jachung ‘20 said she is excited to build upon her swimming skills and learn more about water polo. While they are focused on bringing home a CIF championship, they have said the practices and the overall vibe of the team is positive and fun.

“All the girls are friends. Water polo is a team sport where we make sure that we do a lot of team activities, team bonding or have a sleepover. I look up to the seniors, they’re really good and they are super supportive. I’m excited for us to start playing league games,” Jachung said.

The team recently played in a tournament in San Luis Obispo. The team played two games on Friday and won one game and lost the other. They played three games on Saturday and had two losses and one win. The team showed great promise throughout this tournament, and they came together as a team to get two wins.

With varied grade levels comprising the team, there is a wide range of player experience. Returning player Emily Hilliard ‘19 said she is excited to work hard and see some results.

“I am really excited about all the new girls who have joined the team. It really increases our bond and our community as a team. I think we are all excited for being a contender for CIF this year,” Hilliard said.

The team played Marymount on Tuesday and won the game 14-1.