Worth the Hype- Pokemon Go

By Neema Mansouri ’20


“Pokemon Go,” released July 6, is a mobile app based on the popular TV show and the trading card game. Players travel to real life locations and digitally capture Pokemon. For the first two weeks after its release, Nintendo’s stock went up  by 33%. The game was rated No.1 on the Apple store and was played by millions of people.

Some believe the hype was short lived.

“‘Pokemon Go’ was not worth the hype, it took me three days to get over it. It’s just a waste of time, and it’s really trying too hard to get people active, which isn’t something I want to do when playing a video game,” Evan Roderick ‘21 said.

Others believed the game was pointless.

“It was time too time consuming and it got to a point where it was just too repetitive,” Jordan Assil ‘22 said.

While many have gotten over the hype, others are still playing.

“I’ve been playing ‘Pokemon Go’ for around one month, but I still play. If I went out I would check to see if there were any Pokemon nearby, but I wouldn’t really stay on the app,” Emme Kotick ‘20 said.


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