Ninth Grade scheduling takes place

by Charlie Kogen ’19

Meetings about 10th grade scheduling for current ninth graders were held in the ninth grade lounge from Feb. 2 until Friday. The main topic of conversation was 10th grade course placement, but there was also some talk about graduation requirements as well as college admissions and Upper School expectations.

At least one ninth grade dean, either Betsy Ilg or Colby Plath, along with an Upper School dean, led each meeting. This was the first year that Upper School dean Jamie Chan has attended these meetings. Chan, who previously worked in admissions at Emory University, thinks that the meetings are beneficial to ninth graders.

“It’s helpful to input what we see at the upper school in 10th, 11th, 12th grades,” Chan said.

The students met with the deans in small groups of no more than 15. The meetings took place throughout the school day and lasted the entire 40-minute period.

Many ninth graders thought that these meetings were helpful.

“I think it’s beneficial because I wouldn’t have thought as much about the classes I was taking,” Lauren Witmer ’19 said.

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