Worth the Hype: Puff Balls

By Kaeyln Bowers ’19

Recently on campus, puff ball key chains have been popping up, adorning multiple backpacks. But what is the point as they are nothing more than a ball of fluff? Students are spending between $30- $750 on balls of faux or real fur. They come in a multitude of shades, color combinations and sizes. Due to the wide price range, people can easily spend less money on cheaper balls that still have the same effect as the expensive designs.

Most students put them on their backpacks or purses giving them a unique flare, but these cute accessories are not worth the cost. Due to the real and faux fur, the balls are easily dirtied and often times fall off the keychain. They do a good job at differentiating backpacks from one another, but aren’t very useful.

A more practical way to adorn a backpack is to add metal keychains that are much harder to get dirty. The trend is growing quickly although it has no real function. Despite the initial playful concept of the keychains there is little use for puff balls, making them not worth the hype.


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