Vocalists perform in concert

by Lindsay Wu ’20

The Middle School Winter Choral Concert, “Rejoice this Night,showcased pieces from each of the five middle school choral groups.  The concert took place on Dec. 17 from 7 to 9 p.m. in the Saperstein Theatre. In total, 18 songs were performed, many of them capturing the spirit of the holidays.

“It’s about finding music that [the choirs and I] both love.  Some songs have become traditions in the past 24 years, but there are also new pieces being performed, too,” choral teacher Nina Burtchaell said.

All 152 student performers from each of the five choirs in the Choral Concert opened the show together with “Dona Nobis Pacem,” a song about peace.  The Madrigals followed, singing two different songs.  Separate pieces showcased from the Vocal Ensemble, a combined Girls’ and Boys’ Chorus, a combined piece of all the male participants, acapella singers and Girls’ Chorus came after.

The conclusion of the show again featured all 152 performers combined.  The students performed the piece “Hava Nashira (Come Let Us Sing)”, a song regarding unity, as the second to last song. Middle School Symphony students playing the clarinet, violin, viola and cello accompanied the singers.

The last piece of the concert, “Hallelujah, Amen,” showcased members of the Middle School faculty and staff, along with the advanced choirs, including Madrigals, Vocal Ensemble and Wolverine Singers.

Preparations for the “Rejoice this Night” started around October.  Since then, students have learned and prepared songs, some of which were sung at previous events and repeated at the concert.

“I thought the concert went really well.  All the choirs sounded really nice.  Everyone’s tones and their sounds really meshed and blended together,” Madrigal singer Chase Garvey-Daniels ’19 said.

Audience members also had similar thoughts about the concert.

“The concert turned out really nicely.  It was interesting to see my classmates sing together, since we never see each other perform,” Daisy Wan ’20 said.


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