We scream for Salt and Straw’s ice cream

By Kaelyn Bowers ’19

Salt and Straw is a new ice-cream shop located on Larchmont blvd. Lines for the shop wrap around the block and take a surprising amount of time before you enter the store. All along the walls of the store there are shelves of authentic products like walnut oils, specialty salts, and chocolate bars. At the counter, they allowed people to taste test a variety of flavors on their menu including black olives and goat cheese, lavender honey, cookie dough and stumptown coffee. Although some of the flavors catch most customers off guard, they never disappoint to provide a unique savory twist on the usually sweet taste of ice cream.

Celebrities like Harry Styles have already been seen enjoying a scoop, and half the people on Larchmont can be caught holding a cone. The company originated in Portland, Ore. by an entrepreneur and a culinary student. Their success led them to open a shop in Los Angeles. Almost all of their ingredients are locally grown in Los Angeles and they strive to make flavors no one has ever seen before. Salt and Straws unique and savory flavors deserve great praise for their originality and overall flavor.

Rating: A

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