Red Cross Club makes cards for veterans

Juliet Suess

by Kendall Dees ’19
Students gathered in the Munger Library to make holiday cards for veterans on Dec. 2. Held by the Red Cross club, the activity was organized to inspire kids to give back this holiday season.
“I started the Red Cross Club because I wanted to get involved with a charity and all of my friends were doing charity work outside of school. We wanted to help this holiday season, so this was a great first project,” club founder Alexandra So ’19 said.
Originally, supplies such as paper and markers were set up in the Community Service Room, but in an attempt to attract more students, they were then moved to one of the first tables in the library.
“The Red Cross Club was started fairly recently, so the cards for veterans was the first thing that we have done. Our founder, Alexandra So[‘19], registered the club on the Red Cross website, and one of the first things that came up that we could do over the holidays to help was to write card to the veterans,” advisor Emily Reola said.
The cards were mailed to veterans who will not be able to return home for the holidays. The Red Cross club said that they were pleased with the number of students that participated and will aim to plan another event in the Spring.
“I thought that it was an excellent chance to show our appreciation for our troops. It’s nice that HW gives us an opportunity to help brighten the day of a soldier and let them know how much we care about them,” Kevin Chen ‘19 said.