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    Best Picks on Netflix

    By Jake Davidson ’19 Lucas Gelfond ’19 and Alex Goldstein ’19
    With the thousands of options available to watch on Netflix, we are here to help you decide what to watch. In each issue we will each recommend a movie and/or TV show based on a particular theme. In this issue we will give you an overview of what we love right now.
    TV Reccomendations
    Lucas: ‘Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt’ (TV-14)
    Netflix original “Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt” is simultaneously cringe-worthy (with a good amount of second-hand embarrassment), hilarious, accurate and is a fun watch with an exceptional cast. Set in New York city, previous cult member Kimmy Schmidt (Ellie Kemper) is starting a new life from the ground up with a weird past and an almost eighth grade education. While only the first season has been released, “Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt” was nominated for seven Emmy Awards, and the episodes are filled with wacky surprises and a fantastic cast also including Tituss Burgess, Carol Kane and Jane Krakowski.
    Rating: B+
    Alex: ‘Law and Order: SVU’ (TV-14)
    This award-winning crime thriller starring Mariska Hargitay is a must watch for anyone who enjoys mystery and suspense. Every episode centers around a crime, such as murder or abduction, and shows the NYPD Special Victims Unit solving the case. The episodes are full of shocking twists and will often wait until the last second to reveal the end of the crime. The main cast is constantly rotating and the show has incredible guest stars in every episode such as Robin Williams, Kathy Griffin and Abigail Breslin. The show has 16 seasons so far and the last four are available on Netflix now.
    Rating: A-
    Jake: ‘Parks & Recreation’ (TV14)
    When someone mentions the words “Parks and Rec” in a conversation, it buzzes in the minds of everyone around them, and for good reason.  This 14-time Emmy-Nominated sitcom stars Amy Poehler as the bubbly Leslie Knope, who turns the dull concept of a city’s Parks and Recreations department into a goofy plot.  Throughout the seven seasons of its airtime on NBC (the first six of which are currently streaming on Netflix), character development is a main theme in pushing the plot.  Namely, cute and “will they or won’t they?” relationships were showed early and often, as well as a long line of horrible ones that actually make the watcher laugh out loud.  Overall, the production values of the show are very high and is highly recommended for Netflixers who enjoy other sitcoms such as “The Office (US)”, “How I Met Your Mother” and “Community.”
    Rating: B+
    Movie Reccomendations:
    Jake: ‘Forrest Gump’ (PG-13)
    This ground-breaking Best Picture Oscar-winning film features Tom Hanks as a man who tries to live his life searching for his childhood belle, Jenny, but at the same time either creates or participates in some of the most influential and controversial events the United States has ever known.  The accompanying soundtrack to this film contains music by such major artists as Elvis Presley, Simon & Garfunkel, The 5th Dimension and Lynyrd Skynyrd.  “Forrest Gump” is truly a wonder to behold in the film industry because while the plot on the surface is simple, the undertones of Forrest’s behaviors help it live up to the hype.
    Rating: A-
    Alex: ‘Silver Linings Playbook’ (R)
    This oscar-winning movie stars Jennifer Lawrence and Bradley Cooper as an unlikely pair who are thrown together under odd circumstances. Cooper plays Pat Solatano Jr., a man struggling with bipolar disease, who is trying to get back together with his wife. In trying to deliver a love note to her, he starts an unconventional relationship with Tiffany (Lawrence). “Silver Linings Playbook” is beautifully acted and really puts a new spin on a classic romantic comedy.
    Rating: A
    Lucas: “Donald Glover: Weirdo” (NR)
    The brilliant one hour standup special “Donald Glover: Weirdo” is hilarious. Combining weird, off-color humor with the multitalented Donald Glover, “Weirdo” insures an hour of laughter. Filled with stories from Glover’s own life, it’s sure to surprise. The special contains some inappropriate themes and isn’t recommended for young kids. “Weirdo” is a fantastic watch for (not) the whole family!
    Rating: A

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