Trainer joins staff

Juliet Suess

By Kristina Riordan ’19
Victoria Druehl is the new strength trainer for both the middle and upper school campuses.
“I write, execute and supervise the strength programs for Harvard-Westlake athletes,” said Victoria Druehl.
Druehl is passionate about her job.  She said she loves interacting with students from both campuses and encourages everyone to be active.
Druehl thinks she will bring her own style of coaching to HW athletes.  She works with both girls and boys’ tennis, girls’ basketball, and boys’ lacrosse.
Druehl was the first of her family to attend college and received her Masters from the University of Miami.  When Druehl lived in Miami, she headed the Strength and Conditioning program for Palmer Trinity College.
“The faculty and staff are always so approachable,” said Druehl.
She thinks that all students, even non-athletes, should participate in active weight training.
“It’s not as scary as it seems!” said Druhl.